Mexico Immigration Services

Coming to Mexico can be confusing, especially with all the New Immigration laws. Our Native and English speaking team speaks your language, we have answers, and we can help.

We handle all types of Immigration Paperwork, including the most common, Temporary Resident Visas (Formerly FM2 or FM3, FMNI, FMI) and Permanent Resident Visas (formerly Inmigrado). We can help with all aspects of the Immigration process and provide these services all over Mexico.

We offer Mediation services of all types if you find yourself in a more delicate scenario. We offer assistance with Fines, Requirements, appointments, etc. Our professional Mexico Immigration Attorney will provide you the assistance you will need, start to finish.

By Law in Mexico, any foreigner must have a Visa, whether a Tourist Visa, a Working Visa, Temporary Resident or Permanent Resident Visa. A foreigner visiting on vacation must have a Tourist Visa, and your rights are limited exclusively to touristic activities. Anyone working must have the proper Work Visa for their designed job or company. To own property, rights in a trust, land or a home in Mexico, the correct Resident Visa is required by law. With a simple Tourist Visa you have no legal right to own property, keep or maintain assets in Mexico. If any legal issues were ever to arise for you, you could lose your home, assets or legal case without the proper Mexican Visa. Do not let this happen to you. Protect your assets, your livelihood and rights by being certain you are legal by maintaining the correct Mexican Visa which gives you all these rights and many more.

In the US a major theme and source of debate is Illegal Immigrants. There is no need for you to be on the other side of that coin when in Mexico which is what happens when foreigners come to Mexico and live or invest without the proper Visas. We are here to help you protect what you have worked so hard for, which you do not deserve to lose simply due to a lack of information or the will power to comply with basic Mexican Law. We are here to provide you solutions.

First Time Resident Visas

Due to all of the new laws, there are many new requirements to obtain the Visa for the first time. We have the answers and can help from start to finish. This is step one to becoming legal as a short or long term resident, and provides you rights as a resident, not just a tourist, allowing you to protect your hard earned assets.

Visa Renewals

We are here to help with your current Mexican Visa renewals, working, non-working Visas, Temporary Residents. This is vital to maintain your legal resident status in Mexico, and you can maintain your rights as a resident, not just a tourist, providing continued protection of your assets.

Permanent Resident Visas

We can help you on your way to obtain your Permanent Resident Visa, (like a US Permanent Green Card). Once this process is complete, you are no longer required to renew your Visa, it is good forever. There are many additional benefits, including the road to Mexican Citizenship if desired.

Mexican Citizenship and Naturalization

Interested in becoming a Mexican Citizen? Interested in owning property outright, additional tax benefits and shelters, come and go freely? Traditionally a painfully long and difficult undertaking, we can help facilitate a much smoother and faster process. We are here to help, step by step.