Mexican Citizenship

Are you interest in becoming a Mexican citizen? Mexico Paperworks is here to help.

Becoming a Mexican Citizen has several advantages, depending on your situation. Mexico Paperworks and our Native and English speaking team can help you to determine if this process and status is right for you and your personal situation. Our professional Mexico Immigration Attorney will provide you the assistance you will need, start to finish.

Some benefits of Mexican Naturalization or Citizenship include:

· No More Immigration, fees, renewals, contact, etc.

· Fideicomisos are not required for your personally owned properties. You can have full outright ownership of your properties if desired.

· You are able to vote. 

· You can work in any field as a Mexican citizen, no more limitations or requirements because you are a foreigner.

· Involvement with Politics and some Political positions are now available to you as a Mexican Citizen.

· No declarations by Mexico to foreign entities of assets. 

Who Qualifies?

There are several ways to qualify for Mexican Citizenship. These are the most common:
Time of residence, after 5 years living in Mexico while having valid Immigration Visas for that entire time, or if you have a child or spouse that was born in Mexico.

To qualify, during the first submission process, there are basic tests and requirements that must be met to proceed with the application. Some of these include:

· A required stay in Mexico of a minimum 18 months over the past 2 years (with only a small allowable time outside of Mexico during this time).

· A basic oral examination is completed, attesting that you have at least a basic understanding of the Spanish Language.

· A basic written exam on the history of Mexico, which is comprised of 10 questions, which are based on the content of several required reading books.

· For those of you who are 60 years old, you are exempt from the History Test.

In most countries, including US and Canada, you can have dual citizenship. Mexico does not require you to relinquish your current citizenship to become a Mexican Citizen.

If you are interested in becoming a Mexican citizen and think that you may qualify, contact us today for a consultation. Mexico Paperworks, We’re here to help.