Essential Homeowner Services

Owning a home in Mexico can be a wonderful experience. It can also be overwhelming for experienced owners let alone first-time owners in Mexico, whether you are a native or foreigner. Our Native and English speaking team speaks your language, simplifying a lot of the challenges you can have as a homeowner in Mexico.

From the first service requests, contracts and hiring of services, then to the bills which could be yearly, monthly, sporadic or even weekly this can become a lot for anyone.

Mexico Paperworks can help you to get started or help you on a contractual basis. We can help setup as much or as many possible recurring payments for you if you like, or help you to keep track of and make these payments for you.

Standard required home owner services include utility services and bills (water, electrical, LP Gas, Telephone, internet, SAT TV and more), HOA bills, insurance bills, property taxes, employee payments and all that goes along with that (contracts, salaries, social security, vacation time and so much more), payments for service providers, temporary workers and so much more. Mexico Paperworks can help!

Property management is a very popular service in Mexico and sometimes they offer the above assistance but maybe more, sometimes a lot more. A good property manager offers in addition to all of the above assistance, they generally have or recommend people to help with everything in the home and they will usually be supervising all of these services.

Although we do not offer property management, we have a few people and companies we can recommend who over many years have shown us and our clients their trust, integrity, and reliability. If full property management is what you are looking for, we are happy to put you in touch with the right people for your needs.

An important item that is often overlooked is ongoing expenses, investments in, or improvement to your property. It is important to do this the right way, from start to finish, so all of these expenses can be applied to your capital gains taxes if you ever decide to sell you property in Mexico. We can help set this up right from the start and or make sure things are being done correctly during the process. This if often overlooked and Mexico Paperworks can help.

If you are looking to take care of your own home but want assistance with any of our services indicated above, and or assurance in who to hire, how to pay, make sure bills are paid on time, make sure you are protected and have guidance with workers and services providers, reach out to us and we can assess the situation and or provide what you need. Mexico Paperworks is here to help!