Business Consulting

Whether looking to start a new venture or improve an existing one, Mexico Paperworks is dedicated to helping you in your business ventures in Mexico. We can offer viable options where accountants, lawyers and notaries may not be able to provide the best options for you starting up, since the best recommendations for you may not be in their best interest. We dedicate and pride ourselves in providing the most viable options and solutions for you both now and into the future as you grow. 

There are many ways of setting up a business in Mexico. We will look at what you are trying to do, and present viable solutions for your scenario today, taking into consideration what your future may be, and plan for the next steps as you grow. We find ways to let your money and investment work better for you today freeing up more for you to help you grow.

Mexico Paperworks offers a group of businessmen and women, including Entrepreneurs, lawyers, and accountants, devoted to providing guidance, a viable path, with options and strategies for your new or existing business. Our Native English speaking team help ensure you will understand your options and recommendations in your language.

As businesses change and evolve, so does the strategies, legal and tax requirements. We are here to help so you can achieve the best results without spending a fortune from the start, but with knowledgeable direction each step of the way. Mexico Paperworks has solutions, custom tailored for you and your business.

Mexico Paperworks offers the following Business Consulting Services:

• Assessment and viability of business opportunities.

• Guiding and assessment of how to open the business regarding tax laws, immigration, local and state laws and requirements.

• Assessment of viable options of opening the business, whether under a personal entity (DBA) or as a corporation and if so the viable type and or tax regimes.

• If our recommendation is as a personal entity (Doing Business As; DBA) we can accompany you to the Mexican IRS to get things right from the start in the formation of the new entity and registration.

• If our recommendation is to open a Corporation, we can help and work with the Notary to insure your interests are protected throughout the process.

• Initial Mexico business startup and setup.

Once the business is set up we offer additional services which fall under our Accounting and Business Services, which include:

• Accounting Software Spreadsheet or program setup so you can literally fill in the blanks on a transaction basis

•Initial Package including how to make out checks, Do’s and Don’ts, cash limitations, depositing info, policy information, etc.

• Business Licence Registrations and Permits

• Monthly and Yearly Tax Declarations

• Business Management and Administrative Services

• Monthly, Occasional and Yearly Accounting and Audits

• Ongoing or occasional Consulting

• Government Mediation

Mexico Paperworks is here to help with all of your business ventures from today and long into the future.